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  1. Anyone catch this?

    I wish I did, Instead I shorted MEL. :( this better work.
  2. I looked at Hansens and there was no real news.

    I do know about briefing.com, but never used it. They have this alert on Yahoo that I just saw when I looked up the stock.

    "11:31AM Hansen Natural - - 50 Day Alert (HANS) 30.46 +1.73 : Price climbs higher intraday to 4-week highs above its 28.50 resistnace today....currently challenging its 50-day simpel ma at 30.37 near its previous October support zone at 30.50 area. Next level of interest is the 200-day ema at 31.10."

    Im wondering how many people saw this alert and simply jumped on board as a result. Does anyone use these alerts to place trades? Im figuring when this alert pops up then there is going to be a bunch of people that go in.
  3. If you look, most of the so-called "safety stocks" did very well today. Beverages, drug stores, grocery stores, utilities, etc. I think people are getting nervous about the new highs.
  4. up .61 in eary morning trading... why am i not in this?...probably because as soon as i do, it will gap down 10 points. nice run though.
  5. If I interpret Jesse Livermore's method correctly then the rally and increasing volume of 5 December 2006 corresponds to a buy signal given by the Livermore Market Key. It is a little hard to interpret because Jesse Livermore's method is for stocks trading in the $ 30 to $ 60 / share range. Bigcharts.com shows during November 2006 the HANS trading range is approximately between $ 25 and $ 29 / share.

    I wonder if all price changes are the result of some speculative decision making method.
  6. I examine price graphs of WFMI, OATS, NUTR and observe some similarities to the HANS price graph pattern. I wonder if someone is buying large amounts of stock in the health food industry group.
  7. I jumped in this a few weeks ago as a minor play. Cramer hates the company but some of the aggressive growth funds like it. Hans has always signaled that they are open to a take over. I think there is a current M&A kind of mentality out there and people are hoping to get in on it here. Or, it could be somone accumulating stock for the purpose of taking it over?

    Anyone have insight into who is buying this up?