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  1. Any thoughts on HANS? This one tends to really deliver on earnings day to the upside.
  2. empee


    feels like a bear market. Even if it gaps, see if it sells off or holds
  3. bl82


    Citi's downgrade takes some of the risk out...but this is still a risky hold.

    I don't think we will see much if any impact on the A-B distribution deal in this quarter and there is the possibility that the transition could cause some sales hiccoughs.

    Still, May 1-9 of 2006 was 130% of the entire month of May for 2005, so the revenue number could be a big one. I also wonder if the CC will bring out specifics about market share gains and the possibility of dethroning Red Bull on a regional basis (last Q Monster was ahead of RB in So. Cal, Arizona and Texas.) Next, I think Khaos has quickly become a big hit -- and an indication that this brand is on a Monster-like trajectory would mean a two-brand two-prong growth strategy.

    I think the probability of an upside surprise is greather than the probability of a downside surprise, BUT -- the market has been killing even good numbers lately, especially for high growth, high PE stocks.

    You might want to try some of the options that just started trading. Spreads are high, but you might find enough liquidity to build a position by tomorrow.

    Good trading!
  4. I just picked up a ton of HANS at 32.50. I think the selloff is a little overdone. It's got a gap, too, so it'll bounce from here.

    This is an easy 5-10%. Easy like Sunday mornin'.
  5. dude ... I have no position here and hope you make a mint

    but if HANS trades below your entry point and takes out 32 or lower ... I hope by then you might consider your entry a mistake
    and take at least a partial if not total loss on your position

    good luck to you as I have no idea who you are ... you could even be prop trading or a hedge fund with a stellar track record

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    Hope you used a tight stop...i'm short till the close unless it stops me out at 32.
  7. unbelievable. 25% drop on one penny short of earnings.. what's this market coming to?

    (er.. yet nothing on aapl a la options scandal and 4 years of mis-stated earnings)
  8. you're obviously missing something.
  9. the stock ran fromless than $1 to $52 in a few years.anything short of a blowout is considered a disaster. it's a dang beverage company and worth $10 max
  10. good u been patient and waited for a good spot...me-idiot-me got trashed around and raped on three attempts....substantial loss, close out at 32'n'change only to see the sob tumble...no balls to touch it no more. sniff..:(
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