HANS ready to skydive

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by GlobalFinancier, May 24, 2006.

  1. Former IBD runner, in a bear market.
  2. would LOVE to see you put your money where your mouth is.

    Everyone who has posted that statement on this board seems to fade into obscurity never to post again. Probably working the fryer at BKC to pay their short losses.
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    I agree.....Looks like it'll take a dive. Probably will try a retest of 190 first as the late momentum herd takes a shot next week. Bigger question is what will the broader stock indicies do?
  4. I don't know much about the future, but, stocks that hit a nice round number like 200 a pop have a very good chance of going to 250... or even higher.

    I think it closed a 183 or something' yesterday.. if the thing stays below 175 for a while, then a breakdown might be looming...

    Also, just my opinion, but for as much as the markets were selling in the prior weeks, HANS seemed relatively unaffected by it. I would think a weak stock(toppy) would want to outsell a falling market if it was overpriced.
  5. Mike, I agree.

    Guys, Geez, let me think... certain fundamental measures increasing for the last 6 quarters, data supported by price action...

    For the cognitively dissonant amongst us...
    :D :cool:

    Of course, nothing is certain so if you have overexposed yoursef on HANS (long or - if you are a thrillseeker - short), the market could give you an object lesson in trading/investing.
  6. I would short it wednesday before the close. Cover and reverse when it closes the gap @ 155.
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    HANS held up pretty well during the recent downturn. Looks like the market is heading back up. I would think HANS will retest/surpass its highs if the markets retraces up.
  8. be careful w/ this puppy. i've tried shorting into a breakdowm 4 or 5 times, if not for discipline, i'd be hurting real bad. also, did Ihere the ceo said he would sell out w/ a decent offer? A decsnt offer is probly 100 points lower, but joe 6 pack daytrader/momentum player could care less about that. Lots more opportunity elsewhere 4 me.
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    Mike -

    That is generally an excellent observation and in my opinion the correct way to trade. I have made myself quiet comfortable financially buying relative strength. However, in a bear market (which I think we are now in) buying relative strength can be a disaster. Just as an example look at commodity stocks compared to the semi's over the last few weeks. Semiconductors have been lagging the market for some time, showing a huge degree of relative weakness and in theory should have had even more downside when the market finally broke. They did indeed have some nice downside, but nothing close to what some of the high fliers did. That all said it would be suicide, IMHO, to short HANS at these levels. If it starts to break down and show some weakness then Id say to short the first attempted rally back on light volume..but trying to pick a top is a good way to be an ex trader looking for a job in the "real world".
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