Hannity is an idiot.

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  1. Guy is still harping on the Obama dumped at sea, trying to spin it as he is somehow appeasing Muslims.

    Seriously, your sounding like a broken record and your making yourself look like a fool and your pissing on the hard work our CIA & Navy Seals did.

    Lets Recap. (Remember Islamic burial at sea only counts if you die in a boat in the middle of the ocean too far to reach land within 24 hours) otherwise you should be buried in land with your head facing mecca.

    #1 The enter Pakistan without permission.
    #2 the shoot him, twice even though he is unarmed.
    #3 the kill other people.
    #4 they fly his body and dump him overboard with bricks so he wont float up.

    So he does not get a proper islamic burial as well. since he was killed at a body of land not at sea.

    Yet Obama is appeasing Muslims? seriously. Hannity is now just sounding like a kid pissed off that they took his punch bowl away.
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    Tsing Tao

    i think he was talking about the 40 minute ceremony, in arabic, with the part about how obama should be pardoned by god for the sins he committed on earth.

    kinda pisses new yorkers off, that stuff. just sayin'.
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    No argument here, Im a right winger, and i still believe Hannity is a douche. He seems whiny in my opinion.
  4. I am a conservative myself and the guy is an embarrassment. I mean shit like this on Fox just does not help the cause one bit.
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    Not so much an idiot. More like a truth twisting jerk.
  6. Bush Derangement Syndrome has become Obama Derangement Syndrome. Radical elements of both parties really do just need a good ass whipping in the most literal sense.
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    Bush derangement syndrome, like Obama derangement syndrome has a valid reason. Both of these presidents were clowns. :(
  8. I think taking Osama alive would have provided more intelligence.
    Eric Holder has said on record in 2009 that he would given Miranda rights Osama. What a mess that would have been.
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    They dumped Obama at sea? :cool:
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