Hannah Montana "topless" photo rocks Disney?

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  1. LOS ANGELES — Fifteen years old, topless and wrapped in what appears to be a satin bedsheet in the June issue of Vanity Fair. Did Miley Cyrus, with the help of a controversy-courting magazine, just deliver a blow to the Walt Disney Company’s billion-dollar “Hannah Montana” franchise?

  2. Holy shit. That's just sick.

    We are in a fucked up society.

    On one hand we have an insane amount of sexual predators, and an outcry to stop them...

    Then, on the other hand we are sitting there turning little 15 year old girls into sex symbols. WTF!?

    The public speaks out of both sides of its mouth in a big way these days.

    That shit makes me want to throw up.
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    This shouldn't even be news, its worthless information that the public doesn't even need to know about, its just for the magazine to sell a few extra copies, thats all....
  4. I would rather see a chart of crude oil than this underage bitch.
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    oil nearing $120 again is alot more important than some lame photos..
  6. Do not underestimate the purchasing power of pederasts in America. Hannah Montana is pitched to them, not to preteen girls. I'll bet that the average ETer never misses an episode.
  7. Does this even qualify as wallstreet news?
  8. Ofcourse. I am surprised you didnt advocate "Long Disney"
  9. Here's what people are getting upset over:

  10. Believe it or not, she's a billion dollar industry and the idol of every 12 year old in the US.

    The just don't want her to go the way of Vannessa Hudgens

    Ya know what I mean? :p

    Good luck with that, the little ho is ripe on the vine and about to pop!
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