Hanna Giles makes a realistic looking hoe

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  1. I am watching hannity and they are interviewing 2 douchebags that went into acorn offices in baltimore&washington. The woman makes for a believable prostitute with make up and a mini skirt.
  2. Prostitutes probably hang around the Acorn offices a lot.
  3. That piece of shit girl was interviewing for a think tank in washington, wonder what it is? could be AEI, or heritage foundation, the dude seems to be too knowledgeable about alinsky. This was premeditated by 2 guys out for a hit.
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    It's a sickening mess that reminds me of the Watergate days.
  5. You have to be of a particular mindset to target ACORN. ACORN is a red herring policy wise, but they serve the poor which in this country is disproportionately black. I guarantee you that they would not have shown those videos unless ALL the people in the shot were black. If all those women were named Lakeesha it would have been too grotesque. This is a giant subliminal message. It is designed to discredit Obama. Yes, Obama used to be a lawyer for ACORN, but that does not mean he would approve of everything they did. Hillary used to work for wal mart that does not mean she and wal mart are one and the same.

    That fox is obsessed with ACORN (and did not give a shit about investigating bush administration)should tell you something.
  6. Pass the crack pipe fellas!
  7. Southern strategy is alive and well. You think fox& the right are not engaged in race bating?
  8. Hey Pubix, you are a hardcore left wing wacko and hardcore left wing wackos invented race baiting.
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    Not your fault, but you're preachin to the choir. I really must start using ;) more.
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    Oh really? The appeal to race hatred tactic began with modern liberalism?
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