Hank Greenberg / AIG Fraud debate

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  1. I'm sure many of you saw this debate on CNBC yesterday...it was unbelievable....and quite an indictment of the liberal news media.
    Maria....deal with facts and reality...will ya ?

    This country will continue in it's current malaise for decades with all the corporate fraud that's occuring. More importantly, the candidates aren't even touching this...nor tort reform, nor tax reform...which is exactly what this country needs.
  2. Hank has had CNBC in his pocket for years. I have no idea what he must have on these people but the bias to treat him as if he was an innocent victim is constant. I'm not a fan of Spitzer or Maria or CNBC but in this instance Spitzer destroyed her.
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    She has become a joke over the years. No idea why CNBC even keeps her around. The channel has become bad enough that their viewership has plummeted. Maybe if they got rid of ridiculous clowns like her and that whiney British guy.....Cramer they would regain some viewers back.

    That video is typical Maria B reporting. Didn't do her homework and gets made a complete fool of on live tv. Spitzer destroyed her....

    Maria and Cramer have been the driving force that has sent a ton of trading firms,hedge funds..etc to watch the real trading/markets channel....Bloomberg T.V.
  4. I don't know the facts of the case but my mantra has always been if the guy who is selling just can't stop smiling then I ain't buying.
  5. I actually was OK with Maria .... until this interview. No more.
    Time to go to Bloomberg.