Hangseng Leadership...

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  1. Lately, I observed some leadership in Hangseng movements for world indices. China pump and dump ?:confused:
  2. HSI has certainly dumped this afternoon. I'm told the Nifty did too.

    498 points down from the lunchtime close in all of 35 minutes.
  3. Are they "following" us, the USA, from yesterday or "leading" us today? :confused:
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    HSI may "lead" the US market sometimes because of its large foreign capital presence. Sometimes I see significant futures and cash divergence in the afternoon and more often than not it has some follow thru in the US market usually because of some surprised figures. It makes sense because some large firms might get the data ahead and the liquidity is better in HSI at the time than in the US overnight market. I don't know if we could make money off this observation though. Never tried it and the leading relationship could be just in my head.
  5. HSI is not only leading us today, but in the last couple of weeks...despite some prominent "warnings" from the likes Li Ka-shing and Hongkong Stock Exchange CEO. Makes me think "hum"...
  6. When exchange officials have an "opinion", be careful. :cool:
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    a thing of beauty.

    nice to see a real trader at work; as i have no such vantage point watching my own poor trading exhibition, AKA: Go4's bullet train to zero.
  8. Hell, what a day though.

    Up 453 points from the opening lows.

    Then down 601 points to the closing lows.

    A truly amazing market.
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