Hangover prevention techniques

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  1. Yesterday, I was out on the town and drank very heavily. I type this message, having just puked massively in the bathroom (twice).

    What strategies do you use (other than reducing alcohol consumption) to prevent a hangover from happening the next day?
  2. a) Good 'drinking' genetics
    b) Experience
    Seriously though--space your drinking out over longer time and drink alot of water before drinking and eat something 1/2 way through drinking.

    I use to take alot of MSM (powder--from health food store) before during after and the next morning when I used to drink heavily and often.

    It is like sulfur and soaks up the liquor so your not so fucked up you end up puking.

    Again, empty stomach and too fast drinking leads to puking. You can still drink alot but don't do it so fast; that shit is poison.


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    It is hard to get a hangover if you are never sober...
  4. Drink gatorade before going to bed, I used to take a few teaspoons of honey before drinking and before going to bed. Also I used to eat peaches and pears while drinking.

    (fructose, glucose and electrolytes)

    once in a while I'd pop a few bayer aspirin before bed.
  5. food and water, get lots of it in your stomach before your drunk fest.

    and a glass of water before bed helps too.

    or and IV if you can get to a doctor.

    or last resort call these guys.

  6. Drink water before drinking the alcohol. That way you're not chugging alcohol to quench a thirst.

    Drink another glass of water when you fell like you're getting buzzed. It will slow the amount of alcohol you drink.

    Don't eat liquid meals. You have to eat food. Have some food at the end of the night too.

    In the morning - a liter of water, some OJ or fresh oranges (replaces in the blood what the alcohol takes out), and keep Tums & Aspirin on standby.
  7. serious as anything...
    this is for after the damage has been done.
    during the hangover day, early as possible have one to two alcohol drinks...
    not kidding.
    hangover ends, then start to hydrate with water.
  8. Large doses of alpha lipoic acid (r-ALA) during the festivities. 200-400mg every hour while drinking. The standard of hangover prophylaxis.
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    There's a post from a serous drinker. Wake-me-ups are a big sign of real trouble. But he's right. When I was just out of school, nothing cured a hangover like a really spicey bloody mary. Down one or two of those, and I was cured.

    Be grateful you get hangovers. Some studies suggest that no hangovers makes for a true alchoholic.
  10. I walked into a liquor store at 7:30am one day to get a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich (small town; weird shop). I asked the old man behind the counter what they have for a hangover. He replied "I usually just do more of the same thing that gave me the hangover." No thanks!
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