Hanging man follow by bullish engulfing

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by brokenmarkets, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Major resistance of high of december 2010 broken today. not even pullback...in bullish engulfing. and gap up...either it's rigged on no volume....markets won't be back to normal of open til next week.

    technically, the market should have sold off today or entire month of jaunuary......as markets were topping off...either today is one day event or continuation higher. as quantitiave easing and low interests cause cash and bonds to move to commodities and equities.

    the market can go parabolic like 1999 as new money from the fed is pumping trillions into the markets causing higher prices(inflation) as fiat money value weakens in all currencies as commodity prices rise and markets with it.

    2011 will be an interesting year pivotal point.
    and 2012 is very very interesting year.
  2. the FED is the joker in this game...

    the FED would regret it ever came to wall street...

    wall street is cursed...the FED must be destroyed for messing with the free market capitalism
  3. Forget about the rest of this year and next. What will today's settlement price be? And tomorrow's? And tomorrows? And......:confused: :D