Hang Seng

Discussion in 'Trading' started by george_s, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Hang Seng just blew past 15000. Fasten your seat belts!
  2. Dead Cat Bounce
  3. The higher is goes, the better the profit when we will short it.
  4. joemiami

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    Should be ready to short before Tues comes around....
  5. Why not just trade what is happening on your timeframe?
  6. anyone else having problems with the hk servers disconnecting in tws tonight?
  7. Lost Kospi data as well. Fortunately I had gone flat shortly before, but still ...

    Please, please, please let this bull market last a year or two. :p
  8. Where do you get live (a few minutes late is OK) of stocks trading in Hang Seng like BIDU SOHU?

    OHU closed above ma-50, Looking good to go back to $50 $51 area.

  9. I meant SOHU.
    #10     Apr 6, 2009