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  1. which is the mini, HHI or HSI? also, i am having trouble finding any Hang Seng symbols in tradestation, anyone know what they are / if they're available?

    are there any special tax responsibilities for a US resident and citizen who trades the hang seng futures?

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  2. the mini is the MHI and the large contract is the HSI. The HHI is the China futures contract based on a basket of large CHina co's.

    From what I have read there are no capital gains taxes in HK so no worries there.
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  3. def how active are the options on MHI? What kind of open interest/daily volumes?

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    mhi is not that active but the markets will line up to HSI. Just issue a quote request as market makers will respond and it will help to make sure you're not sticking in a erroneous price, check the similar option on HSI, put in an order at or 1-2 ticks better than the big contract and you should get hit or lifted.

    BTW, talk about making markets for the thick skinned - looks like the exchange may launch HHI options around June.
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  5. Steve K. from Timber Hill (HK) been on CNBC Asia today 7:40 am (HK time).

    What did he say ? Anyone seen him ?
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