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  1. Does anybody have any brokers they use other than IB? I have been trying to trade this market for a long time, and IB seems very expensive. I would like to use my TT or ninja trader to trade this. Please Help. Thanks
  2. I have two brokerage accounts there with www.boom.com and www.fullbright.com.hk . Boom best if its going to be simple stuff, but fullbright if you want to chase fancy stuff like shorting, hedging with covered warrants and doing all sorts of straddles.

    Personally the order entry clerks (brokers) at boom.com are sweet voiced young female Chinese girls, and because of the time difference (am in London) its normally 0200hrs when l call and usually get something nice to sleep on :D
  3. Haha,

    I was just in China, I know exactly what you are talking about. Thanks, I will check them out.
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    I think both of those firms will be significantly more expensive than IB. If you're trading HSI futures, don't forget that the exchange fee alone is $11.
  5. Hey Steve,

    Can you lease a seat in HK like you do in the CME to cut the exchange fees?
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    No. Everyone pays the same exchange fee.