Hang Seng Mini?

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  1. Hi guys in an attempt to reregulate back to normal hours I am thinking about the hangSeng and Hang Seng Mini and was wondering if anyone has an opinion( I think Kiwi trader trades this timezone)?

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    Bogen or anybody
    What are the Hang Seng trading hours Eastern US time
    What brokers have Futures on this Index

    Thanks GS
  3. Hong Kong hours are:

    HK 9:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

    Interactive Brokers

    Consider also SPI, SGXNK, Osaka Nk contracts, STW and KOSPI. Nikkei and SPI open two hours before HSI.
  4. Kiwi,

    Which do you trade the most in this time zone?

  5. I trade 100% Hang Seng. Each one is different so there is a range for all tastes.
  6. Is it worth looking at the mini to start or just blast into the $50HKD a point contract?
  7. I would suggest that you look at the US6.40 per point contract to determine your trades. The mini is basically arbed to it so you could trade the mini for test purposes off signals on the normal contract (I think).
  8. Could one of the experienced greybeards on the HSI shed a little light on the US IRS tax treatment of gains from trading the Hang Seng?

    Does it fall under the same Section 1256 Contracts as say, the CME ES and get the same 60% long tern and 40% short term split for capital gains?
  9. Hello, Bogan7 !

    For you are trading Mini Hangseng Index, is it Interactive Brokers you used ?

    How is their performance: fees, speed execution, slippage ?

    Could you please tell me when You Buy / Sell and then Close it,
    -- > what is the total amount of the fees, cause I get gonfused looking many feex --> also how big is the spreads
    --> how much margin required for 1 Mini Lot ? (in HKD or USD $ ?)

    Thanks a Lot !
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