Hang Seng (HSI), Kospi 200 (K200) Trading Journal! (14 Year Old Trader)

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    My name is Julian Marchese, I am fourteen years old, and I have an extreme interest in the financial markets. I have been trading for the last 2 years of my life, and have been interested in finance since the age of 8.

    I live near Toronto, Canada in the EST time zone. Obviously, my interest in trading started with investing in Canadian and American stocks. That investing mindset soon turned into a trading mindset as I further educated myself in this high paced financial industry. I have and still trade stocks, options, futures, and forex. Most of my education was from researching and watching the market myself, and noticing relationships in price, volume, and time. I would take notes in the beginning, noticing any price anomalies. It is my dream to trade for a large trading firm in the future when I become of age!

    Now to the point of this thread. Now, because of my age, I am restricted to trading the normal US market hours as I too have school on my mind. When I get home, (3:00 EST) I only have about an hour to trade the US stock index futures. After 4:15, volume obviously declines in all of the actively traded futures, making it very hard for me to trade (I need volatility for my strategies). The answer is to trade asian futures! I have in the past traded the Russell 2000 and DAX futures, so trading the Hand Seng, should not be a problem as I get familiarized with it. I will also be trading the KOSPI 200 index options, as they are EXTREMELY liquid, and move like my dear friend the S&P 500 e-mini. The goal of this thread is to discipline me, so I will attempt to post all of my trade setups and entries/exits. I too will post the occasional live video of my trades.

    Feel free to criticize, as that is how I learn. I love trading, it is my passion, and lets make this thread a success!!

    May the trading gods be with you!


    P.S. No, my parents do not have a background in trading. It was a goal from an early age for me to get my parents out of the rat race and into financial freedom, and that is what I plan to do.

    P.S.S. Here is a link to an article written about me in the Toronto Star: http://www.thestar.com/business/investing/article/695971

    P.S.S.S. Here is a link to my highly successful youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/julian062596?feature=mhum
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    Good luck Julian !

    Nice to read this thread, hope you get as succesful as the Praetorian2, an 18y o trading whizz who was posting here a few years back .
  3. Thanks luisHK! Looking forward to developing this thread! :)

    Here is my thoughts for todays trading. (See Pics) I will be trading 1 contract of the Mini Hang Seng tonight as a start to get a feel. I will also only be trading KOSPI 200 options, not the futures as of yet.
  4. And heres the other picture.
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    Once this goal has been reached, what do you plan to do?
  6. Continue to build my wealth and trade for a large firm! I would like to someday open my own hedge fund, or lock in a high position at an institutional bank. (i.e. Goldman, Jp etc.)
  7. Thanks for the good wishes luisHK!

    Anyways, attached is my views on the HSI today.
  8. And the KOSPI...
  9. Remember, asian markets have yet to react to the Unemployment we got friday. So the opening of the KOSPI and HSI are going to be interesting. I would expect a lower opening on both...looking for shorts at this point... 30min to go!
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    Good for you! Best of luck Julian
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