Hang Seng Getting Clobbered!

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  1. sorry for the sensational title, but it works, its marketing.

    HK$18,640 HKD Price Change
    564.48 Percent Change

    Nikkei 225 11/29 - 9:58
    15,999.70 + 144.44

    but Nikkei is up.

    Here`s the main news for wed.

    MBA Purchase Applications
    7:00 ET
    Corporate Profits
    8:30 ET
    8:30 ET
    New Home Sales
    10:00 ET
    EIA Petroleum Status Report
    10:30 ET
    5-Year Note Auction
    1:00 ET
    Beige Book
    2:00 ET
    last i checked ym up 10.....hope you guys sold the ym to below 12,100 level......and covered.....weak rally to up 25.00....but....it was just a trading rally....no solid committment at the end.....overall markets look weak for the rest of this week----but we will have trading rallies given the recent trends of selling off at the beginning by as much as 40, 50, 60 points and rallying towards the close.....looks like a lot of traders will keep trying that trade till they get burned 3 times in a row......they are 1 for 2 this week------i see another 100 point plus hammer coming in the next week and a half to the downside where we crush recent trend lines.

    eeks. I've been worried about that last real low reading if it get revised lower. Won't look good.
  3. it probably gets revised upward....but who knows....some of these economic numbers have looked pretty bad.....despite bernanke`s calm, academic approach to the economic data....there are some real pitfalls lurking out there, which could derail this economy if not handled correctly.
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    Im a bit bearish on this market, however today I went long QLD around 88.58 and as soon as I did it pulled back than ran up past 89. As I was holding it I thought its tough being bullish up here, especially after the huge run we have had. Ended up selling it for a .25 gain. Tonight the futures are up, suprised to see them trading higher after bernankes speech on the economy. He really wasnt too positive on the economy yet the markets traded higher. I dont know. More economic reports due out tomorrow. More housing numbers will closely watched.
  5. Bluestreak you got lucky once but today you were dead wrong

    tomorrow stocks will rally again.

    This isn't china or Japan. Trying to draw connections between the US stock market and the asian stock markets is like comparing apples and oranges.
  6. "Apples and Oranges"? Come on! Put some thought into this...

    Trying to draw connections between the US stock market and the asian stock market is like comparing...

    Broccoli to Bok Choi
    Corn to Curry
    Soybeans to Sake
    Wheat to Wasabi

    Sheesh, do I have to do everything around here?
  7. my theory on that is that a lot of the indexes are at multi-year highs.....lots of money sloshing around......and all these indexes around the world are pretty much up at the same time......and when I see money coming out of these indexes......this may be a clue.......that these recent capital inflows that have pushed these indexes up are being taken off the table.

    I actually have been right 3/for 3.......let me tell you my criteria.....if I make a call and the dow is down 38 points at the open......which is what i care about when I make a call the night before as my positions change accordingly, i watched the market, it hit resistance, I closed out my positions, took profts, the dow was down almost 200 points in 3 days, I expect a rally, waited about 2 hours, and rebought my very same puts, but even more of them.

    I have a thread discussing this called buying lower and lower dips....i know the dips will be bought, i will take my profits, and reinvest in even more puts.

    This is my strategy right now...I know what a good price is on puts,,,,and when i can get these prices, i jump on it.....I just hope I don`t sell my puts only to find the market really dropping right after i take some quick profits b/c we haven`t begun to see the major move downwards yet......and that`s the move I want to be positioned for ahead of time:)
  8. BlueStreek

    No need to be caught short on the short side.

    1) Allocate a percentage of your capital to a long period short.

    2) Leave a few contracts of a winning trade taking say 75% of the profit.

  9. yeah......that would work.....good idea.......that would work better than me just telling the market to stop I `m not in position yet......i screwed up with intel 20 longs a couple weeks ago had them for .90 cents.....sold them for 1.00 or something.....was wanting to buy them back even cheaper like .85 or something as it traded below my price....i bought on thursday....sold on a friday.....or close to that.....and then that monday intc got an upgrade.........dow nasdaq shot up on monday, tues, wed.............damn options were worth 2.55-2.60 range.............i had 120 of them..................i was kicking my self for days..........but those semi`s get downgraded just as easily these days, and i wasn`t following them that much....i thought this looked like a decent value........but i didn`t expect intc would benefit from both a dow and nasdaq/qqqq explosion on no real news...........but when you get the calculator out and start adding it up......i want to avoid that in the future...... (of course----i probably wouldn`t have been in it for the entire move------but maybe i should let my winners ride a little more............ as:
    120 x (2.55--.90=1.65)=120x1.65=198x100=19,800 profit for 3 days on intc which isn`t exactly bidu in terms of movement.
    So i want to participate fully in this move downward:)
  10. btw----yao ming----mvp so far this year in the nba.....rockets win:)

    oh yeah......and that`s the previous nights hang seng....it`s up 90 points so far tonight:) I`m going to bed earlier tonight:)
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