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  1. Anyone here trade the HSI? If so, what time of day does it trade (US time) and which broker would you suggest?
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  3. That is a very cool site. TY for posting that.
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    Check the Heng Sang website.

    Time changes, you know.
    BTW, what is US time?
  5. Thank you
  6. I have a question to those who trade HSI:

    What chart do you use?

    (IB's chart is not good enough to day trade, it has kept me from trading HSI at night).
  7. I'm not sure what attracts you specifically to HSI, but if you live in the US and want to trade at night, I would highly recommend the Taiwan futures contract (STW) on the SGX exchange through IB.

    - Starts earlier than HSI
    - No lunch break
    - Good liquidity (~40 contracts at each level in the DOM)
    - Nice volatility (2-3% intraday moves are very common)
    - Very little slippage on market stops (especially compared to HSI)
    - USD based, no currency risk
    - Low margin - $2250 overnight right now (lower R:R compared to HSI), which allows for more granular scaling in/out if that's your thing
    - $10 tick, $4.30 round-trip through IB
    - 50-70 tick days are quite common, 100 tick range occasionally, usually at least 35 tick range
    - Can be quite "trendy" depending on your timeframe
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    Good info ... Thanks :)

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