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  1. TradingViews. 15 or 20minutes delayed. If you have IB I recommend using TWS. Realtime data for HK futures are quite cheap.

  2. Thanks Grul - I do have TWS, but not the data subscription.
    Does the IB HK Futures quotes come bundled with other futures or just separate ?
  3. TradingView-World Indices.PNG
    Under "World Indicies"......Trading View has the IBovespa and Nikkei futures, but not the Hang Seng Futures.
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    We can connect Trading View and Hang Seng Futures through CQG.
  5. Times


    ThinkOrSwim has the Index which is real time I believe. The ticker is HSI:HK


    tho seems closed right now?
  6. That is my other question....what are the trading hours of the Hang Seng futures....especially overnight ?
  7. It's on the exchange website

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    You should get free 20mns delayed quote on tws, I noticed they are cancelling delayed quotes on several products, but it seems to be only US exchanges.
    HK quotes are a separate subscription, HK futures possibly separate from HK equities as well.
    just type HSI on tws, it should come up.
  9. Matt - I thought Rithmic was your data provider....no ?
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