Hang Seng Future up 600+ points

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crazy_trader, May 13, 2007.

  1. Holy Hang Seng, what is going on?
  2. wasn't there just recently a "Hang Seng Top" thread? Whats going on??
  3. And I wouldn't go long the us indexes because of the HSI -- watch the Nikkei for that sort of guidance.

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  4. dam i better go ES long right now
    Cause the es will react to the european market
  5. ES RU Sp00z aghhhh too much
  6. HONG KONG, May 14 (Reuters) - Hong Kong-listed stocks in
    mainland companies, or H shares, surged 5.3 percent to an
    all-time high on Monday after China said it would let qualified
    domestic institutional investors plough funds into overseas
    equities for the first time.
  7. joesan


    Last Friday night,scared by the bubble in the domestic A-share stock market, Chinese government cancelled restriction on chinese citizen to invest in overseas security market. Now the huge Chinese people's saving can ( and definately will ) flow to foreign stock markets, Hong Kong is the first target.

    Not a good day for trading HSI , see also this thread.