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    Probe finds Haditha victims were shot: report

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. military officials say the killing of 24 civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha in November appears to have been an unprovoked attack by U.S. Marines, after an investigation found the victims died of gunshot wounds, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

    The tendency of the US military toward "machismo coupled with incompetence" is truly getting out of hand.

    Nothing like a few hangings to drive home the point that this is not Hollywood.
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    Anybody else sense the glee in this guy's comments? It's a bit ironic, this idiot is salivating over the prospect of lynching these guys, long before any trial has been conducted, because of their alleged unwarranted violence.

    Macho is probably the last thing these guys were feeling during the events that have been described as hugely chaotic. Temporary insanity is a more probable reaction.

    It makes you think, primarily about not bothering with these types of nitwits. Stupidity is not curable.
  4. then if that is the case then we should demand the freedom of all of the killers who participated in the rwanda genocide and the yugoslavian civil war.
    temporary insanity? would temporary insanity apply to a collective action carried by a group of soldiers? would temporary insanity apply to the action of their commanders who tried to hide the evidence?
  5. I've always found it rather amusing that the people who have never served are the first ones to throw the kids under the bus as some kind of political expediency.

    I say kids because that's exactly what they are. The mean age of infantry squad is 19.6 years of age. A squad leader may be 21-23. A platoon CO may be 21-25. A company Co maybe 28-30...and the Pvt's and PFC's in the squads are 17-19.

    This squad from 3/1 may have in fact done some heinous shit. We shall see when all the facts come out. They may in fact have done something that will confine them and damn their souls forever. We don't know. What you can be sure of is that no blow hard on this board knows anything at all about the kids involved and the pressures that they were under in and out of combat.

    When they're all cammied up in their deuce gear and have a full load of kevlar and a full combat ammo load and packing other and extraneous shit.....they look like John Wayne. But in actually they are the kid down the street. They're just as confused as the goof standing on the corner with his skateboard in hand. But they're held to an infinitely higher standard due to who they represent.

    One must have sworn the oath and taken up arms before he has any creditability with me. It’s very easy to run your suck about something when you know absolutely nothing about it.

    All neo-cons must die.
  6. A touching ending to your post. Sounds like YOUR the goof on the corner with his skateboard in hand.
  7. i agree with everything you said.
  8. Well I sure was in November of 1982 when I stood on the yellow footprints aboard MCRCSD

    And what were you doing then?

  9. I was standing on the corner with my skateboard in hand.
  10. How did I know.

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