Handy options site for volatility calculations

Discussion in 'Options' started by Algorithm, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to post this site since I think there are a lot of people that are new to options as well as experienced options traders (I know I kinda ignored it for a while myself) that sometimes overlook the importance of implied volatility in relation to historic volatility. A lot of "mysterious" or "inefficient" options price activity can be chalked up to this important factor so I thought I'd post this site as a good reference source when researching options purchases and strategies.


    I have no affiliation what so ever with this site, but have been using it for a while to help with quickly looking up volatility. They list the IV and HV values very well for each option. It's convenient and best of all free! Hope it helps a little and if anyone wants to add or discuss, feel free.

    I haven't been an "Elite Trader" for very long (some of my friends would argue that I'll never be an elite trader, but that is another story), but think that the implications of volatility surrounding events that affect the underlying has been an area overlooked.

    Check out GOOG's values right now to see how volatility makes options "expensive".

    Keep all your options open!