Handling Futures Contracts P/L in Foreign Currency? Possible?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gyles, May 21, 2013.

  1. Gyles


    I’m trading US futures, however all my profit and loss calculations are in USD. I’m looking for a way to have all my systems display the profits in my native currency… Basically I want to do all my calculations in Rupees instead of USD. I understand that I’ll have to buy the futures in USD, but I want to know how much I’m gonna make or lose for a system in Rupees.

    I have TradersStudio and I’m wondering if there’s a way I can do it in that? Anybody else doing this?
  2. emg


    too bad rupees are not usd. too bad we don't have a single global currency. Too bad FX is volatile. Too bad CME and ICE do not use rupees as their primary currency. It is just too bad

    If u are a computer programmer scientist, u can easily create a platform. After all, trading is rocket science.
  3. emg


    There are a lot of HFT firms worldwide. HFT traders are computer programmer scientists and SUCCESSFUL. u are better off contacting them to help your need.
  4. Gyles


    Any real answers to this question? I know I can do the calculations by hand, but I’m wondering if there’s an easier way to do this…

  5. Probably not.

    You are better to learn to think in USD for trading purposes. You will get used to switching back and forth mentally.
  6. newwurldmn


    there are ways to calculate your pnl.

    all you need is the t-1 prices for the currency and the futures prices.

    if you can get the market data in excel it's trivial. if not, it's not that hard to do it by hand (if you aren't trading a lot).

    it's important to know because currency risk is substantial and can drive or wipe out your gains.

    A quick google search will get the formula for you.

    edit: your broker should be able to provide this for you (either the excel inputs or the actual value)
  7. Gyles


    Thank you for all the responses. Sorry for being sarcastic above, but I felt like I was just asking an honest question. I am used to USD for trading in general, but it’s often nice to get a feel for a system in my native currency. And like newwurldmn said, there is some currency risk involved.