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  1. Going to start a new journal here -- test out some concepts and see how it goes.

    I'm very good at picking off moves for about 5% but I never found the risk/reward for 5% good enough. So now I am only taking trades where the fundamentals are good for a longer term trade.

    I'm going to start by buying PG (Procter and Gamble) and HAL (Haliburton)
  2. Filled on HAL @ 57.40
    Filled on PG @ 55.98
  3. And if anyone likes the OTC plays on the side just for fun -- I'm buying some BVOL -- my avg. is 2.05 on that stock
  4. I guess no one likes to make money in this forum...
  5. End of the week scoreboard for the journal.

    HAL +6%
    PG +3%
    BVOL +15%
  6. BVOL +21%

    Took 1/3 off the HAL position

    Still have the full position in PG
  7. I took a small position today in Cendant as well...
  8. Hey Handgun. We are Traders here not investors...we measure things in pennies not percents. :) We also close out our positions at the end of the day not hold them for a week. You are cheating! :D
  9. Nice btw.

    Nice positions.
  10. profitable is profitable
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