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  1. I've got a Sig p226 .40 and I enjoy it immensely, but am looking for a 9mm pistol. I checked the reviews for the Walther PPS which is what I was thinking about, but found that it's had some issues with jamming and trigger action. Then I took a look at the Beretta 92fS but that, too, has some bad reviews.

    Has anyone here fired/owned either of those guns, or can recommend a decent 9mm pistol they enjoy to shoot?
  2. hi i cannot own a gun in my country but i know a little about guns (a little). i was thinking the same as you recently although my choice was between a glock and and walther 99 series. i think the glock 21 is good i think it is fully auto.
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    Since you already own, and enjoy the Sig immensely, why don't you just get another Sig in 9mm, and call it the day ? :confused:

    If you're planning on getting something different, first you have to decide the role of the pistol. Is it mainly for the range, for carry, home defense etc.

    The Walther PPS is a slim line pocket carry pistol, where as the 92FS is a full sized combat pistol. You cannot compare the two.

    The best thing to do is go to the range with lots of pistols for rent, and try them all out.

  4. I have the Sig P226 Navy 9mm (the seals gun), very enjoyable gun for shooting. Why fight the Sig?
  5. It's not about fighting the sig. It's about trying other gun manufacturers and seeing if you like them. The Sig rocks, no question. I was just curious if people had any feedback on the guns that I mentioned.

    Unfortunately, folks seem more interested in going for the reasoning behind my desire to choose another gun. I'm not trying to compare the guns to each other, just looking for feedback on the guns themselves.

    Just feedback in a vacuum is all I was looking for. The gun itself. Let me worry about the reasoning :)
  6. Check out the H&K's, up there with Sig's. I have never shot one, but know they are highly regarded.
  7. Cheers, mate. Will do.
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    on the 226, isn't there a kit to change the barrel and convert it to 9? as I mentioned on the other thread, i use to carry an hk usp 45 but switched over to a glock 19 with the hogue grips and trijicons. both guns are awesome and alot of fun to shoot, but the 9 is alot cheaper to shoot repeatedly, week after week.
  9. what about the glock.
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    I have a Sig 226 in 9mm and of many guns I've fired/owned over the decades, it's my absolute top #1 favorite handgun.

    If it's good enough for the Navy Seals and a lot of PDs it's good for me. The accuracy, balance, and "return to zero" during rapid fire and triple taps is unparalled.

    My accuracy with my glock .40 is really bad in comparison (rapid fire 18" shot groups, while I get 6-8" rapid fire w/the sig); the Sig226 in 9mm is a superb firearm, the top I've ever had.


    Of course for home defense I also like my Remington 870 12ga tactical shotgun. :)

    I've had lots of friends who are military/LEOs and I like to use what they use.

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