Hand Helds for trading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by qazmax, May 12, 2005.

  1. qazmax


    Does anyone use wireless handheld devices for receiving quotes and or running execution software?

    Does anyone have a recommedation for a device and/or service?

    I am wondering if the technology has improved enough to make this realiable for trading. I mean as an on-the-go back-up, not to replace anything.

    Just in case I find myself standing on a tee-box on a slow day...

  2. Ninja


    How about a palmOne Treo + IB MobileTrader?

  3. qazmax


    Any recommendation on the model of Treo?

    Does IB require a certain model?

  4. Ebo


  5. Treo 650 is the newest model. All carriers but T-mobile and VZ carry it, but VZ is supposed to have it any day now.

    IB MobileTrader is fine for checking quotes and making trades...although very limited functionality as you would imagine.

    http://www.quotrek.com/ is another one, but I've never used it.
  6. qazmax


    over and out.

  7. Ninja


    I have the (older) Treo 600 and it works with IB right out of the box. The newest model is the 650. Slightly better.

    These smartphones are great. I can't imagine buying any standalone phone or organizer ever again.
  8. cable


    Do a search here on ET -- there have been a few threads on this topic in the past....
  9. MRWSM


    Ebo try decaff or if not interested then see ya, the questions are very iinteresting, much more so than your post. I wouldn't mind learning others opinions on the products in addition to browsing the websites.
  10. I have the O2 mini and i logged on to IBs mobile trader using GPRS internet the other day. It was very quick.

    It's great as a back up if I lose my cable connection.

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