Hamzei Analytics (one day free pass)

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by richardyu301, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Anyone heard of this company? They are offering a one-day free pass to their website (get it from eSignal forum).

    They are promoting below indicators:

    Seem to be momentum indicator which we can easily write one ourselves.

    I am not affiliated with them... thx.

    PS: They claim that they come quite high in a market timer competition:
    We are LONG the S&P-500 Cash Index (SPX) from 1121.84
    for the Timer of the Year Competition monitored by the Timer Digest service.

    For Calendar Year 2004, according to Jim Schmidt of Timer Digest, we came in at 108.98,
    which ranks us at 11th, among approximately 150 market timers.

    For the last 90 days preceding the Feb. 18th issue of Timer Digest, we were ranked FIFTH
    in the Nation among approximately 150 market timers.