Hamptons Village 2nd Most Expensive Zip Code In U.S.

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    - California continues as the unchallenged leader of pricey zip codes, featuring 82 entries in our top 100
    - Silicon Valley is home to 30 of the country’s priciest zip codes, representing the highest concentration of expensive zips
    - San Francisco and New York are the cities with the largest number of pricey zip codes, featuring 9 each
    - 15 zip codes posted median sale prices above the $3M mark

    –, Boston’s 02199 comfortably settled as the 3rd most expensive zip code nationwide in 2018. The Prudential Center area of Back Bay posted a $4,772,500 median sale price for the current year, significantly higher than the last time this exclusive zip appeared in our top. That was in 2016, when 02199 narrowly missed out on a top 10 ranking, landing on #11 with a median sale price of $2.8 million thanks to a handful of high-priced condo sales.

    With a $5.5 million median sale price positioning it as the 2nd most expensive zip code in the U.S., Sagaponack’s 11962 also represents a comeback. While the pricey New York enclave ranked as the #1 most expensive zip code in the nation back in 2016 with a $5.5 million median, 2017 saw the Suffolk County zip slide to #15 with its median slashed to $2.82 million. As such, 2018 brought Sagaponack a spectacular 95% year-over-year increase in its median sale price.

    Sagaponack could have regained its top spot in 2018 were it not for the significant growth in the median sale price of Atherton’s 94027. The affluent Silicon Valley enclave may have also seen its median drop from 2016 to 2017 but remained on top with a $4.95 million median sale price. Atherton’s 94027 remained the incontestable leader in 2018 as well, ranking as the top most expensive zip code in the U.S. with a $6.7 million median sale price, bolstered by a 35% appreciation in its median.
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    5 Silicon Valley Zip Codes among 10 priciest In U.S.
    The communities in and around Silicon Valley continue to lead the nation in expensive real estate, being home to half of the 10 priciest zip codes in the nation. Real estate website PropertyShark released its annual list of the nation’s 100 most expensive zip codes last week, with numbers based on closed sale prices. Five of the nation’s top 10 priciest zip codes are in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, including Atherton, which topped the list with a median sale price of $6.7 million. (CBS San Francisco)