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  1. I'm thinking about trading with Hammer and am wondering if it has a real-time filtering capability that can pick up when a Listed stock has a big offer or bid showing, or when the spread narrows to a penny or two, or when one side of the bid or offer is considerably larger than the other.

    Any Hammer users out there?
  2. let's see

    #1 yes

    #2 yes

    #3 yes

    hope that helps.
  3. Thinking of hooking up a black box to hammer. Anyone hear anything about the API?
  4. I have heard that Hammer Software is the best Trading platform,
    what firms use the Hammer software and how much are the standard monthly fee's if you trade remote,not taking rebates into account.
  5. Just call Hammer's tech support to talk with Omar. He will go into great detail about it
  6. any firm that clears through Andover.

    The fee's vary with volume and if training is needed
  7. fcelfcel


    What are they and how do they work?

    Do they really help in trading?

  8. I don't use them so I don't find them useful somebody else may though

    But they can be used to track a market maker /specialist to see how they are trading in comparison with how the stock is moving.
  9. can someone explain what it is?

    thx in advance..

  10. black box = a fully automated system

    grey box = a half automated system (entry or exit is automated)
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