Hammer/Hydra/Laser type frontend for IB?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by chud, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. chud


    I've been looking but can't find any frontend for IB's TWS that is similar to Hammer/Hydra/Laser for order entry. I want a level 2/market depth window that allows order entry thru customizable hotkeys. It also needs to be able to link to an external charting application e.g. esignal.

    Anybody know of such software?

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  3. chud


    I downloaded NinjaTrader, but they don't allow hotkey order entry. Only mouse.
  4. Chud,

    99% of the 3rd party front ends for IB are DOMEs. Great for futures but absolutely horrible for fast moving stocks.
    The other 1% has order tickets. And it's all by mouse and none of them use hotkeys.
    Laser/hydra/etc. software with hotkeys for IB would be great.
    Unfortunately there's no software like this yet!

  5. ButtonTrader might be a possible solution. Pretty powerful. I believe it allows you to attach strategies to keys and such, although mousing does allow for a certain level of sophistication in strategy kickoff.

    Havn't used it myself in a while as I'm putting a different package together.