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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Roger777, Jun 12, 2003.

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    Help me out please, i need to know if the Hammer platform offered by Andover is linkable to a good charting software,how good is the link? and will i be able to run the 2 programs on cable efficientely, any one has done it? Thanks.
  2. It links to several programs in an office. Trading from home is a different story at the moment since having linkable charts thru a citrix client takes some adjustment. The software that I have been told are linkable thru remote are realtick and I think AT financial and hopefully esignal in the next week or two.
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    I am still a junior member here at elite trader but a question has been presented that the user manual doesn't cover...trailing stops. How can trailing stops be programed into Hammer?




    Q charts are also linkable with the Hammer.

    The other question about trailing stops....I don't do them myself but if you double click in the MM box, a small window will pop up and you can program the stop parameters that you want.
  5. Hammer can link right now to:

    AT Financial

    I do not know of any others, but I am sure there are others...

    Some of the traders switched to eSignal from AT (a happy move) and the Hammer guys had a link built in to Hammer in about a week for us.

    Our remote guys run on cable w/ no problems with bandwith.

    BTW - There are two ways to connect, VPN and Citrix.

  6. I thought they were phasing out of the VPN connection and pushing everyone to Citrix. What is the latest with regionals like PSE and NAS with the VPN version. I was told they stopped giving access to regionals on Citrix version. I have only used hammer in the office so don't know which method is better for remote trading. Do you have any ideas which one is better?
  7. We have traders on both VPN and Citrix, I have heard nothing about phasing out VPN. As a matter of fact we moved some of our traders of Citrix and to the VPN recently.
  8. Does VPN still have regional access to PSE and NAS? Why did you move your traders over to VPN from Citrix?
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    Still have not found a way to program the trailing stops from our administrator's either. The linkage of other data programs is useful and some of our clients have used Realtick but my impresion was that e-signal compatible with Citrix was still in the workings...at least that's what they have told us. Any comments? VPN is available to remote traders...costs more though.


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    I know hammer can link to AT in an office but not throught citrix remote.

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