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  1. A co-worker emailed about 40 different programmers in the local San Diego area as we are planning on hiring a few guys to help us program Hammer's API.

    Anyone here have a background / worked with it?

    Robert T
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    No background with the Hammer API, but I have worked with REDI+, IB, and CyberTrader APIs. If you can't find anyone else, I might be willing to do some Hammering.
  3. What's the issue? Can't Andover give you the hooks to the API? Or is it that you are have trouble finding quality coders?
  4. One of the programmers told me he can get something to me next week but I'm somebody who is looking for multiple sources.

    With over 40 programmers I'm bound to find a few things, just trying to expand my knowledge of the API and get in touch with lots of people who have had experience. Would like to learn from their mistakes to shorten the learning curve as I have no Visual Basic skills at all.

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    Hey Robert,

    My girlfirend works for a recruiting firm called OnSite (she works for Aerotek, which is a division of onsite) She is acutally a contract engineering recruiter but she has access to the database that all of the divsions use(which would have many programmers in it). Let me know what specific programming skills and experience you are looking for and I'll see if I can do anything.

  7. Robert,

    Is the hammer Blackwood's product out of bankruptcy. I went to a prop firms site and the pictures look identical.
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    Looks that way.
  9. Thanks that's what I thought
  10. Hey just for an update got the automation I needed for some of my strategies. They are now "greyboxed"-which is helping me out a lot. It was done purely in house, thanks to everyone who PMed me/emailed me about this--but there was no way I was going to share my strategies with somebody outside my firm.

    I did get a hold of the programmers for the API and will be using them in the future for some other systems.

    On Hammer this is one impressive piece of software. I have to admit I wasn't too happy when it was first handed to me. That was due to being used to another platform and not knowing all the benefits Hammer offers. A hotkey for just about everything is impressive and the back bone it runs on is very solid.

    A few of the guys above commented on the software being from Blackwood's. I can't comment on that as I haven't seen theirs. Can anyone provide me with a demo---or some screen shots? I know the programmers on Hammer now well so it has changed if it was from Blackwood's old platform.

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