Hamas Leader Killed

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  1. Wires are reporting Yassin was killed by Israel in their latest strike... Huge bold move by Israel.

    Looks like Hamas will be sending bombers over to israel for passover...to retaliate.
  2. CNN just confirmed.
  3. ig0r


    market gap up?
  4. What kind of turning point?
  5. More death is your answer. Double your money?

  6. Well... he is the official leader of Hamas. They are upping the stakes.

    This is the most significant strike since the whole thing started in 2000.

  7. Started in two 000 huh, I care to differ.

  8. The latest intifadah started after sharon went to temple mount.. before that.. there was a long period of silence/peace.
  9. Okay, that sounds good. Gee thanks:) But what do you consider a long period of silence and peace.
  10. sadly this strike will only worsen the situation. As long as the extremists control both sides (Sharon and co vs. Hamas/Islamic Jihad) there will be no peace in the Middle East.

    What good will come from kiling the Hamas founder?

    Why did Sharon provoke the Palestinians with his Temple Mount visit?
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