Hamas In Their Own Voices -- Death to Israel & America -- Muslims Will Conquer World

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BernardRichards, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hamas In Their Own Voices

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  2. Do you consider this news? This has been a regular occurance in Muslim countries for the last few decades. Keep in mind though, they are the religion of peace.
  3. This is a forum on politics and religion -- not necessarily news.

    I am sure there are many people here and elsewhere that don't know the real intentions of Hamas because they say one thing to their people, and another thing when they interact with Westerners so in my opinion these videos are very relevant -- more relevant than any little piece of news you may come up with if I may say!
  4. Eight


    Muslims are going to take over the world? Before them it was Pinky and the Brain, and before that the workers of the world were going to unite... I can hardly wait to see how this turns out, no really.....
  5. Cesko


    Actually, and most people don't know it, Muslim birth rates (except of Palestinian) are coming down sharply. Western birth rates reversed (just slightly though) so no they are not going to take over the world. Besides they have a hard time to stay alive (majority). Rich Muslims do not much care for poor. I say pipe dreams. Arabs are juveniles, instead of thinking how to be more productive as a society they masturbate themselves mentally over world domination non-sense.Idiots.

    Central and Eastern Europeans will have demographic problems. And Russia? It is in a deep,deep shit.
  6. Eight


    I wonder how much plural marriage is in Muslim communities.... the thing about multiple wives is that it leaves young guys without women to marry. It has to be a lot easier to talk guys like that into something really insane like religious war and bombings and such.

    Mormons have polygamy and they abandon teenage boys. They toss them out and they drift down towards Vegas and work in the construction industry or whatever they can get. People that live in the areas where polygamy is common can tell you that's how it is... usually they make up some bullshit about the kid not being devout enough or something but basically, it's just culling of the available males. The family leaders in those situations typically don't work either, the women have jobs and support the home so there is a big incentive for some lazy ass to have multiple wives. In the Muslim areas is it acceptable to have multiple wives all with a job I wonder?

    edit: I searched a little more and found an article that claims that ten percent of Islamic marriages in the world are plural.. that leaves a hell of a lot of unattached guys to wage jihad. The author claims that typically they form up a Jihadist army and raid the settlements and towns for women!! What a way to live... pure stupidity...