Hamas celebrates victory? Wtf???

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  1. I read this


    how ridiculous is that? This is like some big 275 pound body builder kicking your ass for 6 hours straight, then when he is tired and done beating you to a pulp, YOU celebrate that you won because he stopped kicking your ass. wtf? Seriously hamas? You think you won something?

    I remember reading something similar about some militants that attacked a supply truck. When the supply truck (of i think 5 soldiers who were lost) drove off, the militants started celebrating that they had just defeated the great american army. Unbelievable.
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    Propaganda and misinformation is about all they got left. Besides many of their fellow Arabs will believe almost anything, no matter how obviously false.
  3. The death of women, children and the elderly apparently don't matter when it comes to the price of victory for the Hama's.
  4. If they're still breathing they'll claim success, which is exactly why the Jews should do everything to stop them from breathing.
  5. You celebrate victory by killing as many innocent women and children. Hamas celebrates victory by not allowing the fourth strongest army on earth to crush them.

    That is the difference between you and people who seek liberty.

    From the first day, Hamas knew that they were no match for the destructive power this Army has. Israel was wishing that they will run away in fear and submit to them. But they did not. They did not and they fought back and foiled the Israeli plan to destroy the resistance.

    Israel started by saying they wanted to finish Hamas off. That failed

    They then revised their claims by stating that they wanted to stop the rockets. That failed.

    They then finally succumbed to stating that they wanted to destroy the tunnels. Hooray!!!! Israel could claim victory in achieving that and killing thousands of innocent civilians.
  6. In my eyes, someone who claims victory in surviving getting brutalized is superior to someone who murders women and children and crys about being a victim over something someone ELSE did to them 70 years ago
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    that's because you're an iranian

    and fucking retarded like all iranians
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    fucking stupid muslims claim victory when allah shoves his crooked fucked up brown cock up their ass and into their spines

    they claim victory because they believe they have won the love of allah by being strong and not running away from the pain he has inflicted and continues to inflict upon their fucking souls
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    Israelis learn from history, Hamas doesn't... clear enough? In my eyes, people that antagonize a powerful army are just beggar morons with no sense of worth at all.. watching Hamas get it's ass kicked was like watching a guy go to jail for a lot of really stupid crimes... it all catches up with them at some point and then their proud little series of moments all come crashing down around their ears and nobody gives a shit... everybody could see it coming, the wise people don't even try to tell them to not be so stupid because a fool and his folly is like a bear with cubs, you don't want to go there...
  10. Such flowery language. Bottom line, show me one single thing Israel achieved in this war on Gaza aside from killing women and children with phosphorous bombs.
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