Hamas: a threat to the world

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  1. I am convinced that Hamas desires weapons of mass destruction. We need to punish Hamas for this evil desire. Another war on Gaza is necessary to wipe out the Hamas and its evil supporters. Any Hamas who survive should be tried and convicted for war crimes.

    On another note, I support the arming of the heroic Libyans who are fighting Gadaffi. Gadaffi should be caught and tried for war crimes. The international criminal court have been informed.
  2. I tell you! These Hamas guys are not only a threat to the world; they are a threat to the universe!

    I mean, they are the one that have 200 nuclear warheads and the 4th biggest air force. They are the ones that spied on the Americans and sold their sensitive information to China, they are the ones imposing Warsaw ghetto siege on 1.5 million israelis in violation of the 4th Geneva convention, they are the one that is ethnically cleansing israelis from the West Bank and Jerusalem in violation of the fourth Geneva convention, they are the ones in violation of 52 UN resolutions, they are the ones occupying the land of three other neighbouring countries, they are the ones who committed war crimes against the israeli people in Gaza resulting in the death of 400 israeli children in 34 day, the are the ones who used the internationally prohibited Phosphoric and cluster bombs on Israeli refugee camps, they are the ones who committed 70+ massacres against israeli civilians and raised to the ground 500+ towns and villages belonging to the people of israel.

    I mean how criminal can they be? What more of a threat can a nation of thugs impose "cohen"?
  3. Sameeh

    You sound like you are Hamas???? :confused:

  4. You sound like a a Khazar children killer zionist.