Halloween & America

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  1. So...Yesterday was Halloween and in order to teach my kids about the way the real world works, I took half of all their candy(I called it a tax) that they collected last night and gave it away to all the neighbor kids that were too lazy to go trick or treating. Being a good American, I had to do it. Of course all the kids who are sure to grow up democrat bitched and complained that they needed more candy and that my kids should give up an even larger portion of their candy because they collected so much and it wouldnt be fair if my kids had more than everyone else.

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    Im a democrat i just walked out into the street found a kid who was smaller then me, knocked the kid to the ground took most of his candy, kept the overwhelming majority for myself, and handed the rest of his candy out to the other kids who showed up at my door looking for a handout. :D
  3. When you ran out of candy to hand out to the other kids, did you blame the kid you took the candy from for not having more candy to take?:D
  4. Take all their candy and sell the candy to your publicy listed company using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, then execute debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all the candy back, with a tax exemption for the two kids, then give them their candy back.
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    Yes, infact he was still on the ground wondering what the hell happened to him and where all his candy went when i whipped up all of the kids on my porch into a frenzy over the kid who didnt give enough, so they then promptly went out and stole what was left.

    Obviously afterwords i was forced to give all the other kids a lesson in tolerance and understanding. :D