Hallmark Cards - Greeting Cards - Biggest Scam Ever

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ByLoSellHi, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Here's a stock tip.

    Buy Hallmark or other greeting card company stock.

    I just paid $6.95 for a stupid Valentine's Day card for my wife. This card could not have cost more than .25 cents to make.

    Any monopoly would kill for those margins.

  2. <i>"Any monopoly would kill for those margins."</i>

    ... and your wife would likewise kill if you didn't come home with that card. Captive clientele on their part
  3. Where do you live? I'm in NJ, and there is a store called Card Smart, that sells nice cards (made in China!) for less than half of Hallmark. I think their days of ripping off are coming to an end!
  4. Austin - true.

    TripleX - I'm in Michigan.

    It's not the money, it's the markup.

    By the time one pays for roses and dinner, you're already out $70-$90.

    A $6.95 piece of 4" x 6" paper rubs salt in the wound.
  5. topdown


    That's what kills me - I'm out $300+ for jewelry, flowers, dinner, whatever for the wife every Valentines. She gets me a card and a cheap box of candy that the kids eat. Oh well - thats the power of the, you know - maybe I'll get lucky tonight.

    What we need is a man's holiday - I propose that it coincides with Final Four weekend. Anybody got a contact at Hallmark?
  6. I cooked dinner:

    #1: broiled chicken breasts, dry rubbed w/ garlic powder, montreal chicken seasoning, black pepper, sea salt

    #2: sweet potatoes, braised in brown sugar

    #3: whole wheat egg noodles boiled in chicken broth (skins & trimming off breasts) with sauteed onions, garlic and baby portabello mushrooms, topped with mexican flavored cheese and grated romano

    #4: corn bread

    #5: chocolate volcano cupcakes (box mix)

    #6: California merlot from a dear friend in CA


    Whole meal, less than $10 (minus the gifted wine). Considering the ER stopped me out at par this afternoon on a short trade that immediately went +3pts in favor like I knew it would, every dollar counts (massive laugh)
  7. <i>"What we need is a man's holiday..."</i>

    #1: Deer season

    #2: snowmobile weekend in Tug Hill Plateau... snowiest place east of the rockies. 140" on snow on the ground in last ten days, more falling as we speak