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  1. What does "hallelujah" mean? Note that it is also "Alleluia".

    "Ha" in hebru denotes high, greatest, etc...

    "Hallelluja" is english rendering of "Praise Yahweh".

    "Yahweh" is the english rendering of Abrahamic God's Hebrew name (Jehovah)

    Now Abrahamic God's Hebrew name:

    1. In hebru is Jehovah
    2. In current christianity: The Lord.
    Usually Christians add the term Jesus Christ after the word Lord. Many do not know what they are saying, and some add, some do not, most have no idea.

    3. In arabic, the name of Abram's God is Allah.

    Jehohav, The Lord, Allah refer to the same entity: Abrahm's God.

    Now here is the interesting this about praising the lord.... Read next post below...
  2. Now if you read writings in the web and in printed documents, or if you hear people speaking, here is what you may encounter:

    1. Some people say "fuck Allah". If the person is christian, he just said: "Fuck TheLord (Jesus Christ)", but he does not know it.

    2. An arabic/muslim may hear, "Praise TheLord (Jesus Christ)". What he may not understand is its complete meaning from the perspective of a non-arab christian, which is "Praise Allah (Jesus Christ)". Of course the arab/muslim will be offended, but less this time and will understand better what you want to say by adding the (Jesus Christ) which is that you are praising Allah (which would then be fine with the muslim, but also that Jesus is Allah, or the christian is praising Jesus Christ as the "Son of Allah" as a part in the three components in the definition of Lord/Allah.

    3. Jews do not like to use that word too much out of places of worship. They use the letters name, and if they have to use it, they would use more the other name Hashem.
  3. A consequence of the above is this:

    1. "Praise TheLord", and "Hallelujah" is the same thing.

    2. Some christians, out of ignorance perhaps, would say: "Hallelujah", "Praise TheLord" (sometimes adding Jesus Christ in there), particularly when it gets musical and emotional in the church. Others add Jesus Christ probably because they want to specify with more clarify who they are praising in "Praise TheLord" (The son, the holly spirit or the Father).

    But I never heard "Praise TheLord (The Holly Father), or "Praise TheLord (The Holly Spirit)"

    So it gets confusing.

    3. You also have "Hallelujah", "Praise TheLord", repeated. Or "Praise TheLord", "Hallelujah", repeated.

    Whatever the music, the feeling of the moment dictate, it goes in there.

    4. MOST IMPORTANT point: christians may not know that they are repeating two expressions which are the exact same thing: "Hallelujah", and "Praise TheLord"
  4. WTF do you care WTF it means? you writing a freaking bestseller?
  5. Hebrew "Ha" in "Ha"llelujah is "Akbar" in arabic. In arabic then "Praise" TheLord" is "Akbar TheLord". But since we know that "TheLord" part or the "llelujah" part is abraham's god's name, which is Allah in Arabic, then "Hallelujeh" transliterated into Arabic is "Akbar Allah". In arabic grammar, they reverse the words. So "Akbar Allah" while it should be understood easily by arabs, the correct expression is: "Allah Akbar".

    The following expressions are the same, but probably hated by different peoples out of ignorance:

    "Hallelujah"="Allah Akbar"="Praise TheLord".

    So if you hear on TV some muslims shouting "Allah Akbar", what they are saying is "Hallelujah", "Praise TheLord".

    However the language used, the context in which you may hear it on TV, and your ignorance, may lead you to think that "Allah Akbar", "Hallelujah", and "Praise TheLord" three different things.

    To impress on you the significance of your wrong understanding, imagine if a french and a british were to insult each other for one telling the other "Hi" and "Salut", each taking it as an insult but in fact they meant to say hello to each other using two different ways to express a "hello".
  6. I know. What about the thinking/facts?

    What I wrote may be breaking chains inside your head, that is why your head may spit insults.
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  8. The moon is just a "planet", and cannot be a god, you dumbass. fuck the moon god!

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    Way to go jem - you tell 'im.

    His is the theistic argument, absurd offensive and irrational . Yours is quite understandable of course, an obvious and reasonable response.
    There's always the natural a-theist in everyone coming to the fore, arguing for some basis in reality. His God is probably not real.
    Now if only you could exert some of the same a-theist critical scrutiny on your own moon god.

    God is probably Apsu

    ..at least you'd stop making those same mistakes Islam does. :p
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    thats the thing Stu - I expect the same critical scrutiny for an atheist.

    When comes to the creation of the universe, it is irrational to proclaim there is no God.

    You do not have to adopt my believes you just have to be rational or admit to faith.
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