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  1. Very good change !!:eek:
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    i haven't looked at exactly which threads are in there, but 1) it's a good idea so new posters can have an idea what's been posted and 2) a quick overview shows some things that i knew were good (and a couple really bad ones avoided), so i suspect the list is mainly solid.

    good job.
  3. Damn, now I've got my work cut out for me Baron. No more idle weekends for a while. :)

    Good idea!
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    Yeah, one of the comments that people often post is how much work it is "trying to sift through all the bullshit threads to find the really good ones".

    So this is an attempt to bring the very best of ET over the years right to the homepage where new traders and old-timers alike can be exposed to the gems of real wisdom that exist here.

    Thanks for the positive feedback.
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    It's good to see some of Acrary's related threads included in the Hall of Fame list. He provided some good material.
  6. have you considered best by category?


    Greetings ET,

    I would just like to say thanks for placing all the Hall of Fame threads on the ET Homepage where they are very easily accessible everyday. I can think of no better place for these "trading gems", especially for the ET Treasure Hunters like myself. This is truly where these "constant reminder threads" belong, and it was a fantastic idea. This is a real time saver.

    Well Done, and Big Thanks!

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    where are the broker+software ratings currently located?
  9. Baron

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    Still on the homepage below the threads with recent posts.
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