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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by benwm, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. benwm


    Is there a list of the best ever ET threads anywhere? The really useful ones, top 0.1%-1% say? If there is we can close down this thread. If not, then I suggest we start a 'thread of threads'...

    All threads allowed, especially the old ones that are 'closed' and don't show up at the top of Search lists.

    Nothing commercial please.
  2. benwm


    Ok, an idea to make this stick. Only users with 1000 ET posts who have also banked $1 million + in lifetime trading profits are allowed to submit a thread into the HALL OF FAME. We have to take the $1 million claim on trust :)

    I don't qualify on either score.

    Who is going to be the first 1000 ET poster to refer a thread into the HALL OF FAME??
  3. RAY


    Damn, I have a bunch of great threads saved over my few years ... I'll try to remember this thread when I reach my 1000 posts; I figure at least another 12-15 years, and post them up for you.
  4. You've got a bit of a problem.

    1) While many threads have useful nuggets, I would suggest that almost all have too much garbage to be considered hall of fame worthy.

    2) Those individuals who qualify on the $1MM prerequisite, are amazingly few and far between here. Of the active members, you are realistically talking maybe a couple dozen. Only 1/2 of whom were able to continue over a span of several years. Which means that 1/2 lucked into a strategy that only works under certain conditions.

    3) I'll use myself as an example at the risk of sounding arrogant. My annual returns are significant, but there is no way that I would even consider starting a thread to publicly detail how I do it. A strategy with consistent abnormal returns is heavily guarded by anyone who discovers it.

    Consistently successful traders mainly come around here because they spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen which gets very boring, and almost nobody in their personal life would be able to contribute intelligently to a conversation on trading and markets. So this is entertainment to pass the time. They do not come here to explain "how-to" in any useful detail. Almost without exception, those willing to spell out "how-to" are not successful traders. You'll find that the truly successful traders generally stop hanging around the boards much as there is nothing here beyond entertainment value.

    Sorry to be such a cynic.
  5. how about making the requirement somewhat less stringent?

    let's say b/e trader and >3,000 posts....
  6. benwm


  7. benwm


    Please tell us. You can give this thread some credibility. Maybe others will join in...
  8. benwm


    Thank you for your post. You are right. I am always looking for short cuts. I had hoped for a nice list of the 100 all time great threads to magically appear at my request. Wishful thinking of course.

    I decided to do some of my own research, painstakingly reading through numerous past threads and slowly but surely unearthing some nuggets of gold. To my amazement, there were some great traders lurking out there in Elite Trader in the past. And some great threads. More so than today it seems, but that could change I suppose...

    And since the research is ongoing I will be nominating various threads as candidates for the HALL OF FAME over the ensuing weeks. Perhaps at a later stage when there are 100 or so candidates we can narrow down the field depending on the feedback received. I welcome contributions from others, since through working together on such a list it will be far more comprehensive than I could achieve on my own.

    I believe in chaos theory so from humble beginnings ths thread may even be of use to others.

    And without further ado, here are the initial six candidates (in no particular order) for the HALL OF FAME...

    1.Grinding it out, day after day

    2.True legendary trading stories


    4.Market Depth Patterns

    5.My Story

    6.Mr Subliminal's Remote Trading Journal

    More to follow in the coming weeks, but remember if you have 200+ ET posts your suggestions are also very welcome...
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