Half Wit Trump Jr.

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    A thread dedicated to the idiotic spawn of the former President...

    Let's start with...

    Donald Trump Jr doesn’t seem to know that the governor of Texas is a Republican

    Donald Trump Jr has attempted to defend Senator Ted Cruz for taking a controversial trip to Cancun, Mexico amid a crisis in Texas but managed to make a major error when criticising the state’s ‘Democrat’ governor.

    The oldest of the Trump children shared a link to a video that he had shared about the criticism for Cruz on Thursday afternoon but in the tweet, he lashed out at the critics saying, “The hypocrisy of those trying to cancel Ted Cruz who have been totally silent on their Democrat Governor’s incompetence is telling.”

    He added that he thought the situation with Cruz was ‘fauxoutrage’ [sic] and even suggested that the controversy was fake.

    (More at above url inducing video of the idiot)
  2. Blah blah blah. Half wit Hunter Biden. Drug addict floozie.
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    Sadly.... FortuneTeller has me on super ignore so I can't tell what type of mindless drivel he is pushing. Yet here he is -- on my thread -- as the only response. So obviously he is not really "ignoring" me -- but using the ignore function in an abusive manner to prevent others from replying to him.
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    That should not be possible. His ignore should apply to what he sees, not what you see. Why did Baron implement this?
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    Good question. I do not know the reasoning for implementing "super ignore". Clearly it is regularly abused.
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    "Quick - someone call Child Protection Services"

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    Half-scoup is being investigated... He can buy a matching prison jumpsuit with his father.

    NY Prosecutors Are Looking at Don Jr. in Trump Biz Probe
    The Daily Beast has learned that investigators have been asking questions in recent days about Trump’s eldest son as they expand their criminal probe into Trump’s business empire.
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