Half of adults in the US could be obese by 2030 - Los Angeles Times

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  1. while the other half will be starved to death (this possibility has not reached the main media yet)


    Half of adults in the U.S. could be obese by 2030

    By Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog

    August 26, 2011, 12:27 p.m.
    If obesity rates continue to climb in the U.S. as they've done in the past, about half of all men and women could be obese in 20 years, adding an extra 65 million obese adults to the country's population.

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    I thought well over half of Americans were obese already...
  3. you probably included the children. the article only talks about the adults :)
  4. so.... prisons , TSA, Homeland security, etc. wont have a problem with finding workers.
  5. guesss what, most traders are fat like fuck which is why this thread gets few responses
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    Sorry, I missed that in the sea of fat. I was more concerned with the structural strength of that poor chair!

    All the fat kids will eventually grow old, and I doubt playing video games will make them much thinner...

    Therefore I'll take the over on that figure. If we all pull together, I am confident we can get over 80%...
  7. the funny thing is, all these obese poor souls won't have a clue why muslims think of them as stupid, dangerous, greedy pigs.
    its OK and natural to eat dead pigs, white flour, processed shit, fries, ketchup and the 8th wonder of all juices: coca cola or pepsi.

    not only its the food prepared by God for humans, its also so cool to consume them! paying with a shiny corporate CC
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    but they lose the weight eventually, when they are on chemo and dialysis..
  9. Like anything else, I think if it reaches the 20% range, it would become a high profile social crisis, and it would reverse itself.

    Why are people obese? I think it has to do with the food chain also.
  10. Too many grains and starches, too much sugar.

    Processed food designed to make us want to eat again, soon.
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