Half Cent Execution on NASDAQ

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ryleg, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I have a question about non-routable NASDAQ orders. I am hoping the answer to this question does not involve dark pools.

    On a symbol such as "C", it is very easy to take liquidity and get a sub-penny execution, e.g. 4.155. I am unable to provide liquidity at a sub-penny price. How does one do this?
  2. I'm think Nasdaq has something that is similiar to an add liquidity only feature like, BATS, and EDGX has. It is called the Post only order. You should take a look @ that
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    Those reprice at even cents. I am skeptical they will execute on the half cent. I am trying it out and waiting for a price move.

    No, they don't execute on half cents. Thanks for trying though.
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    post only does not imply adding liquidity.

    will still remove.
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    I believe that most of these sub penny fills are just your broker internalizing the order.

    I see this on IB almost every time I use a market or stop/market order. The broker can take the fill and profit from the spread, rather than pass it to the exchange.

    Your broker has the right to take the other side of the trade if they offer "price improvement" over the current inside bid/ask.

    It makes backtesting difficult since many trades never hit a exchange and there is no way a limit order can get filled on these orders.

    It is called "order flow".
  7. pr66067 has it right. it's a mid-point peg.
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    Yes, thank you pr66067 and propseeker.
  9. don't we all wish of buying at .011 and selling at .019. LOL.
  10. Does this mean that our limit order orders may be stuck for minutes... While the mountain of traded can go trough inside market... Either via broker price improvement stuff or by the guys who access direct market?

    I really want to get into direct exchange access stuff...
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