Half A Trillion In Treasury Purchasers Are Unaccounted For

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  1. ipatent


    This is potentially explosive. You won't find articles like these in the mainstream press, that's for sure.

    Sprott Calls The Fed "A Ponzi Scheme" As Half A Trillion In Treasury Purchasers Are Unaccounted For

  2. the1


    The Fed and US Government are the biggest shell game on earth.
  3. Illum


    Well being new, I have to ask... Isn't this how QE is implemented? Or is this something else? Haven't we all known this was happening, I can't see how this means anything to the market, unless I am missing something.
  4. spinn


    how credible is zero hedge?
  5. Yep, getting close to "Escape From New York" time.
  6. You're asking the wrong question. This is Sprott. ZeroHedge merely linked him.
  7. spinn


    I realize that....but how credible is zero hedge? cnbc seems to hate them, so thats good.
  8. That is true. Chalk one up for ZH.

    Actually CNBC hates anything that threatens it as a source for "conventional wisdom".
  9. S2007S


    Would be nice to see this on cnbc or bloomberg once in a while, everything feels completely backwards in this world. I don't think it matters how clearly these articles are written, everything in this matter will be ignored until markets finally collapse and then finally this information will be put set forth.
  10. I keep wondering who would be stupid enough to buy our treasuries despite the fact that the US is bankrupt and will never be able to repay our national debt, let alone the interest on it. Nevertheless, all of the treasury auctions reportedly go okay. A giant Ponzi scheme would sure explain a lot of things.

    Stories like this make me want to sell my home and buy a farm out in the country, put all of my money into gold and silver bullion and buy a lot of ammo for self-protection before the shtf.

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