HAL gouging prices, US taxpayer foots the bill

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trader556, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Letter to Codolleezza Rice

    by members of Committee on government Reform, Committee on Energy and Commerce

    Congress of the United States, House of Representatives

    1. As of October 19. 2003, Halliburton had imported 61,304,091 gallons of gasoline from Kuwait into Iraq. Halliburton has been paid $162,503,305 for this gasoline for an average price of $2.65 per gallon.

    2. The $2.65 per gallon price is grossly excessive. ... estimated price to buy gasoline in the region 71 cents per gallon., and estimated transportation costs at 24 cents for about 96 cents.

    3. The Iraqi oil company SOMO, is currently paying just 97 cents per gallon to import gasoline from Kuwait to Iraq. Even Halliburton has charged only $1.22 per gallon to import gasoline from Turkey into Iraq.

    4. The gasoline imported from Kuwait is sold inside Iraq for just 4 to 15 cents per gallon..


    Our tax money at work to fill special interest groups pockets.

    Chenney/HAL connection keeps on paying off. War one of the best business around. Who's gonna stop us??
  2. Nobody can. What can we do to stop it other than vote. In addition, I don't like complaining about these gross misuses of power because then I'll be branded a liberal. That would suck. I hate being called names:mad:
  3. The way to stop this stuff is to not vote for a crook in the first place.

    A conservative called me some pretty insulting liberal names the other day on ET because of a post that I made and I hadn't voted for a democrat in over 33 years.

    Bush and Chaney's records proved to me that they were a couple of cheap crooks going in.

    There are more important things than party affiliation but most people don't seem to realize that and many of the ones that do, won't admit their mistake.

    When Clinton got elected, some people had bumper stickers on their cars saying "Don't blame me, I vote for Bush". Now I wonder how many of these assholes will display a bumper sticker on their car saying, "Blame me, I voted for Bush".

    There are lots of things that are much worse than a liberal and one of them is a fool.

  4. *tisk, tisk* seems that some people haven't been studying the party directives.... HAL got a no-bid contract because they are the only company in the world with the technical skills needed to transport gasoline, of course.

    for the cost - well the US believes in something called CAPITALISM - if you and the whining liberals don't think they have a right to charge whatever they want, then go to France and talk to smelly old Europeans.

    the US taxpayer will pay any price to give iraqis gasoline, and to save them from Rape Rooms. whatever it takes, bring 'em on. if you don't agree, you love terrorists.
  5. Damn ingrate Kuwaitis ought to be giving us the gas. The biggest mistake we made was handing their pile of kitty litter back to His Royal F*cking Highness the Emir and his band of thieving relatives in the first place. They lost it, we got it back, we should have kept it. Oh no, I forgot, we might have offended some members of the "Religion of Peace" and they would have attacked us.