Haitian Earthquake. Where are those loving atheists with their wonderful philosophy?

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  1. Pat Robertson has given them an easy hurdle to get over.

    But in tsunamis, Chinese earthquakes, etc., atheist organizations never lend a helping hand when the going gets rough. How come?

  2. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/video/2010/01/13/VI2010011303724.html

    Pat Robertson see the business opportunity from all the death and building collapse. See how he compare island of hispaniolia?
    Dominica republic compare to Haiti?
    So maybe he can blame the devil, but he really lick his lips from the devil.
    He is full of the shit.
  3. It is sad that Pat Roberson try to blame a stupid religion of Haiti people for the earthquake, then he use his stupid religion (but with money) to look for opportunity of more money for him.
    Is one religion exploit the other.
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    This very question and it's internal resolution has defined me somewhat.

    I do not believe in the biblical God. Therefore, I could easily be classified as an atheist (my believes are somewhat complicated - I am not really an atheist nor agnostic). FWIW, when I have money, I give generously. When I am broke, I try to find $5 to send.

    For all the debate about the existence of God or not and the harm that religion may or may not do, I am always warmed inside and out by the reaction of organized religion in the face of tragedies such as this. These people continually win my heart by their actions. There is no hesitation. They jump head first to help, whatever harm and sacrifice may come to them.

    This means almost nothing from me, but it does to them: May God bless them, and even more so the people they are trying to help.
  5. There are numerous non religious aid organizations including the Red Cross/Red Cresent, Oxfam, UN agencies etc etc. There have also been over 300 Cuban doctors working in Haiti prior to the disaster.

    No doubt there are some atheists, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and whatever else in these organizations. Nice try, but Christians do not have a monopoly on compassion.
  6. Dear Nitro,

    Thank you very much for your really sensitive post. It touched me, you are a poet !

  7. Yes. Compassion from many people. How can the "christian" Pat Robertson say "a blessing in disguise" about people that die?
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    Well, I`m also a proponent of the free market/laissez-faire capitalism/classical liberalism/libertarianism/minarchy/market economy etc, i.e I think people should be allowed to settle wherever they want/there`s vacant land, i.e. if you decide to stay in a dangerous area(anywhere near the red lines):
    You are yourself responsible for the consequences that will occur!

    So don`t blame me for nationalism/racism/protectionism/selfishness/bigotry/stupidity/moral hazards etc!

  9. The answer to your question is quite simple: Darwin's survival of the fittest.
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    Update; "Scientists have warned for years that the island of Hispaniola, which Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic, was at risk for a major earthquake.

    Five scientists presented a paper during the 18th Caribbean Geological Conference in March 2008 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, stating that a fault zone on the south side of the island posed "a major seismic hazard."
    ", link.
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