Haiti only 12.5% of population access electricity

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  1. I've been doing a lot of reading lately about solar panels and solar energies. Learned that 6 grand in solar panels will eliminiate the electric bill. Then I stumbled upon a site while looking at crude oil prices and leaarning that in Haiti its there is an average cost of 6 dollars for a gallon of gas. I know by me its around 3 bucks for a gallon but 6 bucks and isn't Haiti super poverished - I read that they make around 800 dollar a year on average per capita.. and then to buy gasoline for 6 dollars and most of them are using that gas for a electric generator. It didn't make much sense how can anyone ever get better in life.
    Then if they got solar panels they can spend that 800 on something else.. educating their kids or something good to help society then their kids can make for them 8000 and then their kids 80000 and then they will be like a regular country.

    6 bucks a gallon.
    haiti solar panels
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    Max E.

    You sold me, please pm me immediately and let me know who i should send my credit card info too, just so you know i have been hosed once before so unless you are from nigeria i will not be sending my credit card info.
  3. Nigeria is also having lots of problems with energy much similar to Haiti. Haiti is so close to the united states and I have found this:

    http://self.org/ solar electric light fund they've been doing prjcts in Nigeria

  4. Your heart seems to me in the right place, in wanting to help. If I were to give you any advice, I would say to let someone else come up with solutions to the problems, and then you could beat their drum for them.

    BTW, your English skills are very good, which could really help when you have actual working solutions. :)
  5. Obviously their tax rates are much too low, don'tcha know taxes are what bring prosperity