Haiti is without a government

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  1. The news is saying that Haiti has no government. I would like to donate Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank and Biden. Let these people run Haiti and don't return them to the US.
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    Get a job, ya stunned fucking goof. Your crap is too much all over this forum.
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    Geez, that's pretty cold hearted. Don't you think they've suffered enough?

  4. You are a leftist Obama supporter. It appears you are the goof.
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    And you are the Malaysian muslim imposter squirming your way where, into the esteem of the right? Lol, just stfu and go to work somewhere.

  6. Where are you getting that I am Muslim? I would love for you to post that.

    Trying to squirm my way into the esteem of the right? You have serious problems dude. Where the hell do you get this stuff from? Did your mom do a lot of LSD when she was pregnant?
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    Six families run Haiti.They completely control the govt. They will make fortunes rebuilding the basic infrastructure. Most of the money flowing into Haiti will end up in their Swiss bank accounts through one means or another.
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    You're Malaysian by your own admission. Most Malaysians are muslim. Odds are that you're muslim.

    What's the matter, fuckwit, NOW you have a problem with smearing? foad.
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  10. Fairness Doctrine supporter. Silence all opposition.
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