Hairdresser = Zero substance

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  1. Hairdresser...

    This guy is the most disruptive, one-liner, ET member. It's individuals like these that hurt this site. He never gives anything of substance and just trolls every thread with negativity.

    I took the time to do this ( Here are his last 15 (consecutive) posts... Judge the substance for yourself:

    1. "He's a boob.

    +40% is a rally."

    2. "LOL.

    Laffer was one of the Goldilocks boys.

    He is a joke."

    3. "Buy buy buy.

    Rowshan has been short since the first week in April."

    4. "Buy buy buy."

    5. "Still short then?"

    6. "Still short?"

    7." Roger Nightengale is a Quack.

    Who says to buy stocks if we are going into a multi-year Depression.

    What a Moron.

    Markets are strong, Obama is very strong."

    8. "ET posts very wrong again."

    9. "The Mods here are Perma Bears too.

    No wonder, I'm outta here.

    You all just missed a 40% and going higher rally.

    U suck..."

    10. "Canceling subscription after years...

    It is a worthless rag now.

    Mike Santoli brings nothing to the table and Abelson is bearish ALWAYS.

    Never make a dime from them.

    In the bin it goes, along with CNBc."

    11. "Nice Parting gift from Hank Paulson."

    12. "He doesn't make money, no point in formulating an answer."

    13. "Fox is for Cretins."

    14. "Why do we do it so often?"

    15. "Still short?"
  2. Thank you!

    I couldn't sum up the essence (or lack of substance) of hairdresser better if I tried.

    Has anyone run an IP check to see if he's really stock_trd3r? His language and habits are virtually carbon copy.

    And wasn't Port also stock_trd3r?

    How many aliases and alt-IDs does stock_trd3r have?
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Thanks. He's been banned.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Completely agree. (a one liner dedicated to Doo-Sheesh)
  6. I guess he'll have more time now to cut hair and do highlights :D

  7. I checked, hairdresser and stock_trad3r - they were from different continents. Unlikely the same individual, but one can never say for sure.

    Port, however was the same as ST (he admitted it) and that username has been banned (Port, not stock_trad3r).
  8. I thought it was a violation of TOS to have multiple IDs, and anyone violating that rule would have their IP protocol blocked and all user names banned?
  9. nkhoi

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    he was on my ignore list.
  10. Great job Ivan.

    Please also ban stock_turd for using multiple aliases.
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