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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by yip1997, Mar 27, 2007.

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    It all depends, there's many different styles....i know of several traders that hold little to zero in overnight positions. You have to find out what works for you and your trading style.
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  2. Is this thread an attempt at comedy or another push for pair trading?
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  3. Are there a lot of Bright marketing people in ET? :D
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    Bright Marketing? I'm a Bright Trader, responding to a Bright thread...2-3% of all Bright traders post on elitetrader. I'm sure the reason most don't bother is the negativity surrounded by comments like this.

    In the last month i've replied to at least a dozen pms from other traders inquiring about pairs in addition to other comments. I really couldn't care less which firm and which trading vechicle any of these individuals decide on. I was just being honest and helpful, thinking I had something worthwhile to say. But perhaps I should adopt this approach...just rip on ppl all day, and don't offer anything constructive in anything even remotely related to trading?
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    Is each one of your 1000 posts as insightful as this?
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  6. Don? Or do you not allow directional unhedged overnights.

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    I guess the old saying "We mock what we don't understand" applies here. I don't trade at Bright and make very good money day trading pairs. Maybe pair trading is too complicated for you to understand. Trading pairs takes a little more work and knowledge than directional trading. If you would like a crash course in pair trading PM and I will be more than happy to educate you on the process.
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  8. This thread is about haircut charge, not about pair trading. I think rallymode is so surprised to find people talking about pair trading instead of talking about haircut charge.
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  9. You can hold 2:1, after that you pay a pretty high haircut charge, 12% last time I checked. I imagine if you want to hold highly leveraged directional plays overnight, you probably need to run it by them first.
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    Well if you go all the way back to your opening post you single out Bright in which leads to the most used strategy there, pairs. I'd really like to hear about other firms and how they handle haircuts (trading pairs or anything else) but the only responses have been Don and Mav.
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